Working With You

Building Your Business

“We’ve grown from zero to £36m turnover this year. We couldn’t have done it without Hollis and Co’s expert guidance and support.”

Whether you’re starting from scratch, going for growth, looking to make an acquisition or ready to realise the value you’ve created, we can help. We’ll assist with your strategic planning and work alongside you towards your goals. We also know how to get the maximum benefit out of tax credits for research and development and can support you with accessing sources of finance.

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Running Your Business

“It’s important to have someone to work with that you can trust. It’s risky being in business and you need a sounding board.”

We’ll provide you with as much support as you need with the financial aspects of your business, so that you can concentrate on achieving your goals. Bookkeeping, management accounts and payroll services are all available, plus personal support from your client manager to help you understand and deal with challenges as they arise.

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Staying Compliant

“The team at Hollis and Co have a wide range of expertise, providing a person to person service. I can recommend them for businesses with complex issues.”

It’s a fact of life that taxes and financial regulations just keep getting more complicated, with an increasing burden on individuals and businesses to stay on the right side of the law. The Hollis team have the knowledge, skills and experience to deal with all your tax-related matters and help you make safe plans for the future.

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Personal Services

“The team at Hollis and Co have a wide range of expertise, providing a person to person service. I can recommend them for businesses with complex issues.”

It’s a fact of life that taxes and financial regulations just keep getting more complicated, with an increasing burden on individuals and businesses to stay on the right side of the law. The Hollis team have the knowledge, skills and experience to deal with all your tax-related matters and help you make safe plans for the future.

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By Their Sides

Linear Recruitment

Adam Turner

When I was setting up the business, I wanted an accountant to help with the business plan – Hollis and Co were recommended by both a friend and the bank. They helped me put the plan into a format the bank was happy with and have helped with every aspect of the business since then, including setting up a share scheme for our staff. They’ve given me lots of good advice on business in general – I’ll often go to Peter when I need a sounding board. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he will go away and find out and come back with sound, reasoned advice.

Founded in 2001, Linear Recruitment is a specialist recruitment company with offices in Sheffield, Leeds, Walsall, Milton Keynes, Newcastle and London.

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The Famous Sheffield Shop

Paul Iseard

I was in the process of purchasing a retail business and was introduced to Peter Hollis by a friend. Hollis and Co produce the shop’s financial statements, run the payroll and advise on technicalities around VAT, capital purchases and so on. My client manager Matthew also sits down with me once a year when the accounts are done so that we can look at how we’re performing. He helps me interpret the financial data, understand trends and make the appropriate decisions. They help to keep the business on course.

The Famous Sheffield Shop is a Sheffield institution, retailing a wide variety of Sheffield-made products including cutlery, metal and pewter ware and jewellery from its shop and online.

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Bowmer Bond

Philip Horsnall

Hollis and Co have been the auditors for five different businesses I have owned and Peter Hollis is my “go to” person for financial advice. They’ve supported me with financial management across the board, from potential fundraising to tax issues to accounting systems to acquisitions and disposals. They are invaluable – they are not just number crunchers, they understand the ups and downs of how business works. They have given me over 20 years of fabulous service and I would never hesitate to recommend Peter or the company.

Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics Limited is a specialist webbing manufacturing company based in the UK. They supply finished webbing for many different market sectors throughout the UK and to more than 25 countries worldwide.

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Dynamiq Consultants

Ian Flemming

I needed an accountant who would be rigorous about making sure all my tax affairs, business and personal, were in order. I’ve been in business a long time but I’m the first to admit I’m not the most organised person. I needed a firm that could cope with my chaos without complaint, who would be quick to respond and turn things around. They’ve been excellent at this – when I had a VAT inspection, I just sent the inspector to see Hollis and Co and everything was perfect. They give me real peace of mind and I can get on with growing my business.

Dynamiq Consulting is a training consultancy business, working with a network of associates. Recent years have seen significant growth, with turnover doubling year on year.

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Field Enterprise

Richard Field

I’ve known Peter for a long time and admired his values and integrity and also his depth of knowledge and experience. I started working with Hollis and Co about five years ago when I was setting up a new business and also wanted someone to help with life planning and personal taxation. The way they started out was exactly what I wanted – they found out my needs and have been fulfilling them ever since. I know that all my legal obligations are taken care of and, most importantly, they are there beside us to support us.

Field Enterprise facilitates and develops top management teams and also runs the Integral Leadership executive development programme.

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Gripple and Loadhog

Hugh Facey

Hollis and Co are the accountants for the group businesses Gripple and Loadhog, for my family foundation and for my personal affairs. For the businesses, they have been excellent in dealing with tax issues relating to research and development and new products. They’ve also helped with grant applications. They are immensely practical, detail-oriented people but they are also flexible. They understand what’s going on and where we are as a business and are quick to flag up issues and opportunities.

The Gripple Group of companies are renowned for innovation and new product development.

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Whitley Hall Hotel

David Broadbent

My working relationship with Hollis and Co dates back to before Peter started the business. We’ve done a lot of things together since then and he’s helped me sell and acquire businesses, advising me throughout the whole process. Peter and his team are very professional, very knowledgeable. He won’t sit back and wait for you to ring – he will tell you if there’s something you should know or be doing. The fact that we’re still working together over 25 years later says it all!

The Whitley Hall Hotel is a Grade II* listed building that dates back to the 1580s. It has been a hotel since the 1970s and also hosts weddings and conferences. David Broadbent became the owner ten years ago.

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Andy Barratt

I started working with Hollis and Co when I set up Rocket. They helped me to understand how to run a company, my responsibilities, what I needed to do, what’s required legally. They recognised that I had never run a business before and were very patient at explaining. They also make sure I stay on top of things and push me not to let things slip. I have absolute confidence in them – I know that I can always pick up the phone and they will help me out.

Rocket is an award-winning creative digital agency. They’ve been in business for over ten years and have grown from two to eleven people.

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Sharing Your Goals

Hollis and Co started life when Peter Hollis took the leap of faith from being a partner in a national firm of chartered accountants to set up his own business. That particular leap into the unknown was tinged with uncertainty and insecurity, but most of all it was exciting. At Hollis and Co, we never forget that our clients have all taken that leap at least once.

We understand what it’s like to be an owner-manager of a business. No manager likes facing problems, so our aim is to take care of things for you so problems never arise. And if they do crop up, we’re right beside you to tackle them.

We believe in strong relationships. Each of our clients has a dedicated client manager with a wide range of skills. That way we can really get to know you, understand your ambitions and be the first person you call when you need advice or assistance.

We make it our business to ensure we get things right first time and that every member of our team is equipped with up-to-date skills and business knowledge. If we can’t solve a problem or answer a question right away, we’ll go away to find out how and get back to you quickly.

If you don’t have the resources for an in-house finance manager, we’ll provide the relevant services. If you do have in-house expertise, we’ll fit in seamlessly, complementing and bolstering your existing resource to become a valued member of your team.

Our client base is spread across a wide range of sectors and industries and across the UK. They range in size, from £10,000 turnover to £10 million. But they all share a personal commitment to what they do and the business they are trying to build – and we share that with them.


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Get To Know Us

Peter Hollis


I was initially attracted to a career in accounting because of the flexibility it offered to follow different tracks whilst doing something worthwhile. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to get out of the office and look around lots of different businesses – it appealed to my curiosity and interest in what people are doing.

It’s very important to be an independent practise. It means that we can decide how we want to work, developing our own values and ways of delivering a service that responds to our clients’ needs. It allows us to focus on the people we are working with and gives us the flexibility to look after them in a way that suits them. Business clients prefer that independence of thought and we all benefit from the opportunity to build up trusted relationships. 

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Andrew Potter

Client Manager

I mainly deal with the firm’s larger corporate clients and their directors. This can involve preparing and auditing accounts, preparing corporate and personal tax returns, providing ad hoc advice on a variety of accounting and taxation questions, financial forecasting and also tax planning exercises.

The biggest buzz is helping clients find solutions to their problems and, believe me, they sometimes have some very complex problems. It’s all too easy to tell someone that they can’t do something, but they need to know what they can do to get to where they want to be. Also I’m proud of getting things right first time - accuracy is very important in my book.  

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Paul Holmes

Client Manager

It may sound a bit sad but at the age of seven I told my teacher I wanted to be an accountant , not knowing what one was but because I was good at maths. It turned out to be a good choice though – I’m proud of the way our work helps clients to understand their businesses and make the right decisions.

Business has changed a lot since I started my career. In my placement year, I remember working on an audit for a large PLC. They had computers with punch cards in a big computer room and a tea lady with a trolley twice a day. As auditors we got our cake free but had to pay 6p for the drink!

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Matthew Herring

Client Manager

If my clients are happy, I’m happy.

I’m an accidental accountant – I started my career with an economics degree and then entered the STEP (Shell Technology Enterprise Programme) where I was given a work placement at a firm of accountants with a project to implement some tax software. They gave me a contract to finish the project, which turned into full time employment and training as a tax advisor and then a full accountant.

If I wasn’t an accountant I’d ideally be an international footballer or cricketer, but actually I’d more likely be an economist or academic lecturer.

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Ruth Williams

Client Manager

I’d always enjoyed maths at school and went on to study Maths and Accountancy at university. I then joined one of the big four accountancy firms to do my ACA training.

One of my first audits was a manufacturing company in Sheffield. The client didn’t like having the auditors out so we used to get put in a damp, cold portakabin for the duration of the audit. One year we discovered they had been subject to a fraud relating to scrap metal sales. The client was impressed and for the following year’s audit we were allowed in the board room!

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Maria Crowley


I am proud to be able to say I work for Hollis and Co because of the professional image and good standing and service offered by the company. It’s my role to take care of all the tasks that keep the office running smoothly so that the accountants can concentrate on our clients.

I admire the way businesses use clever branding to achieve success. It’s impressive when you see a company that has taken a concept and extended it to suit customers in different places all around the world.

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